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What is Financial Literacy

Financial literacy, simply put, is defined as having the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions. It describes individuals’ level of understanding in managing personal finances and awareness of different investment options, as well as their ability to assess risks and recognize opportunities to improve their financial status.

Financial literacy aims to empower people by enabling them to make informed financial decisions on:

  • saving, spending, budgeting
  • managing day to day finances
  • sound investment principles
  • making large purchases, such as buying a house or a car
  • managing debts and credit cards

Financial literacy involves applying this knowledge to different situations, whether they are personal or work-related scenarios, and making the best possible financial decisions as a result.

Governments and entities around the world have understood the importance of financial literacy and have incorporated programs to educate the public on financial matters. As world economies aim to continually grow and prosper, it is important to ensure that people are well informed on personal financing and investment matters. Financial literacy paves the way for a well-informed and financially healthy society.

Our Vision
"To bring together business and government leaders with the aim of making Abu Dhabi an international economic hub, boasting a world-class economic environment with sustainable growth."
Our Mission
"To develop policy recommendations and kick-start initiatives that promote sustainable and diversified economic growth by improving Abu Dhabi's infrastructure and business environment, and enhancing human capital."